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  • 2–4 Players
  • 30 Min
  • Hand Management

The court hums with ancient magick…

AlakaSLAM is a 2 to 4 player card game: a tennis match, spiced up with magic, and folded up into one small box.

Players manage hands of cards, deciding whether to strike aggressively or cautiously build up resources, and taking care because each card has two purposes. Cards can be used to aim and hit the ball — maneuvering opponents into tricky spots — or used to give players extra movement around the court and enchant shots, making them difficult for rivals to return.

Face off against rival sorcerers and become a legend in the greatest tennis match of all… the AlakaSLAM!

In the Box

  • 52 card deck
  • 4 scorekeeper cards
  • 16 court cards
  • 8 character cards
  • 8 character tokens
  • Ball token
  • Rules

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AlakaSLAM has received the Game Makers Guild Seal of Approval.

“If you’re looking for an easy-to-carry game that gives you the excitement of a tennis match in half an hour or less, I’d highly recommend AlakaSLAM.”
— Ben Marshalkowski, Boardgame Ben

“AlakaSLAM is a good game that accomplishes what it set out to do with aplomb. It would be a great addition to your con bag or played as a pick up while waiting for the rest of your game group to show up for Arkham Horror.”
— Paul Carboni, Play Unplugged

“Alakaslam is a bit spartan on theme, but it makes up for that by providing just enough decision-making where you walk away appreciating what it’s trying to do.”
— Ryan LaFlamme, Cardboard Republic


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