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Released Games

Rise of the Robotariat

  • 3–5
  • 45 Min
  • Co-op Move & Act


  • 2–5
  • 15 Min per Player
  • Player Elimination


  • 2–4
  • 30–45 Min
  • Hand Management


New Look for the Website!

We've given the Eye4Site a little bit of a refresh and upgrade. The pages are what you remember, with a fresh coat of paint, but it's a tad easier to maintain on our end.

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From the Lab

Latest Free Game: Obligation

Our most recent gift to you, Obligation, a trick taking game for 3–5 where you are given a bid to aim for, but you can influence what suit is trump and what suit counts toward your bid.

You can download our sixth release on Itch (where all our free labs will be) right now.

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About Us

An indie board game company bringing you robot revolutions and wizarding tennis matches since 2013. We have folks in Boston, Pittsburgh, Santa Barbara, and sometimes elsewhere.

We strive to make games that we enjoy, and to share them with the people who will find them fun.

Don Mitchell

Head & Game Design


Robert Karl, Jr.

Systems Design


Chris Baum

Art & Graphic Design