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What is an Eye4Lab?

Eye4Labs is the place where we test out new ideas plus keep ourselves fresh and limber with microgames and targeted experiments. Some of these might become bigger games, some won’t. When you check ’em out let us know what you think by dropping a line and learn about new experiments.

Released Labs

Scrapyard Speedway

A racing game where the car you start in won't be the one you finish with.

Quick Pitch

Micro-sized racing game with part swapping along the way.

Pizza City

Become the pizza (delivery) champion in an ever-changing city.

Quick Pitch

Asymmetrical teams where one travels the city and one builds it.


A trick taking game where you're forced into a low or high bid.

Quick Pitch

Be presented a target bid, vote to influence the trump and target suits.


A light puzzle game of artists praying to the Muses for inspiration.

Quick Pitch

Voting for simultaneous action to show devotion to Muses.

Concrete Jungle

An RPG where you defeat The Competition at the annual trade show supreme.

Quick Pitch

Business, animals, and business animals.

The Once and Future Cuisine

A mad scramble for ingredients across the eras, all to satisfy the Time Tyrant's catering demands.

Quick Pitch

Assemble the best hand from across all time.

Bluff the Bullet

It’s a poker game with the highest of stakes, and the biggest pack of liars and cheats in the West.

Quick Pitch

Betting on unknown hands that can be cheated on with luck and guile.

What If, But Also

With only a set of conjunctions and a barrel of words, construct funny, poignant, and even dramatic situations and ideas.

Quick Pitch

Describing why you win is the game.

Coming Soon

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